Modal popup with Disqus

Two buttons below, each pops up a modal dialog containing a bit of Disqus code.

Of course they should show separate threads, but they don't. The question is how to get Disqus to do that. Apparently before launching the modal, or while I'm launching the modal, I have to wipe out the Disqus data structures and cause them to reload, using a different ID. I have no trouble generating different IDs, but I don't have a clue how to wipe out the structures or how to get them to reload.

Here's a comment thread where a Disqus guy explains in shorthand I kind of understand, but don't know what to do with. Any help would be much appreciated. You can add comments in the thread launched from either of the buttons.

Problem solved. In early 2011 they implemented a function called DISQUS.reset so you could use it with an Ajax site. That's basically what I'm doing. There's a thread in their discussion group about it. It works. If you click on the first button you get a "European" thread. And if you click on the second you get one with an Asian flavor. (Not really, just from a testing standpoint.)

Comment Dialog #1       Comment Dialog #2

6/3/12 by DW